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Customer Support

Corporate Office

505 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Suite 500
Montréal, Québec H3A 3C2

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Our highly qualified Sales Group is ready to answer questions about our products, services, rates, state-of-the-art payment systems and the most aggressive pricing in the industry.


Merchant Support

World-class customer service is the key and the difference between EVO Canada and the competition.

To inquire about terminal problems, system questions or any acount changes and/or requests listed below, please contact our Support Department.

Hours: 24 / 7 / 365

Credit / Risk Department

The Risk Department is available to answer any questions in regards to pending application or issues regarding transactions under review.

Hours: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Sales Support

Referral Agents and Sales Representatives should contact their Sales Support Specialist with any product, system or application questions.

Hours: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Supply Orders

Try our online order form under supply orders. Most orders before 3PM EST ship same day.


Account Activation

The NEW ACCOUNTS group is responsible for all new clients until they are running live transactions. For any questions or to activate your new EVO Canada account please contact.


Human Resources

EVO Canada is always looking for talented people to help our company grow. Go to the Careers screen to view our current openings.

EVO Canada is an Authorized ISO/MSP with MasterCard International and a registered Visa Non Member Agent with Visa Canada.