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Direct Sales Opportunities

EVO Canada's direct sales program leads the field with one of the best compensation packages in the industry today. Combined with pre-set, pre-qualified appointments, cold calling is a thing of the past. Direct sales can fall under two programs with extremely high earnings potential. You will receive a signing bonus on every merchant, plus residual income within certain programs, leasing flexibility from 12 to 60 months with excellent commissions structure, combined with cash options for state of the art terminals with smart card EMV technology. From general retail to e-commerce EVO Canada offers low guaranteed rates allowing you to market smarter, not harder.

3-5 Pre-Set Confirmed Appointments Every Day

Why knock on doors, cold call, or dial from phone books when EVO Canada provides Regional Account Executives with appointments. Experience is not required and full position training is provided by our corporate staff.

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Why EVO Canada?

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  • Lowest Credit buy rates in Canada
  • Upfront money on every application
  • No broken promises
  • Guaranteed leasing on Certified EMV Smart Card terminals
EVO Canada is an Authorized ISO/MSP with MasterCard International and a registered Visa Non Member Agent with Visa Canada.