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Working Capital

EVO Canada understands the unique challenges small to medium-sized restaurant and retail business owners face. Traditional bank financing is often not available and keeping control of your business is top priority. Taking on partners may not be attractive due to loss of equity and profits. EVO Canada knows that not having working capital to meet your growth strategies is not an option!

EVO Canada provides short term working capital for small to medium-sized merchants. We fill the void between traditional bank financing and the less attractive avenues of financing. EVO Canada is able to secure lending where most banks stop while allowing you to retain control of your business and meet your business goals. Short term capital can be used for Expanding or Remodeling a business, Purchaseing New Inventory or Equipment, Marketing, Payroll, Consolidation, Emergencies, Bills, Taxes or anything else you can think of. We provide our customers with financing to help grow their businesses!

Unlike traditional loans, cash advances have no fixed payments, timeframe or interest rates. A cash advance is the purchase of future debit and credit card sales that gets repaid directly through a small percentage of your daily sales transactions. EVO Canada's level of service is second to none. To start the process, contact
EVO Canada is an Authorized ISO/MSP with MasterCard International and a registered Visa Non Member Agent with Visa Canada.